Weekender RV

Weekender RV Package

Detailing is essential for safeguarding your investment. Our goal is to maintain your RV/Camper/5th Wheel looking as new as the day it was purchased while also building long-term connections with our clients. From bumper to bumper, you can expect your rig to look its finest!

While we have packages that are intended to remove oxidation, the Weekender package does not include polishing the gel coat/painted metal. It does however include a thorough wash, and a thick RV grade paste wax to prevent oxidation. For the interior as most clients are just looking for an exterior cleaning/waxing we billed by the hour on top of this, let your scheduler know if you would like to add that on, it is very reasonably priced just not included here. If your RV is oxidized, you will need a compound, buff, & polish before the wax will adhere properly. If you need this, please choose our Road Warrior Package which includes everything in this package plus the necessary oxidation removal prior to waxing. The Weekender package is perfect for maintaining your RV, and should be done every three months to avoid oxidation from occurring. If that sounds too frequent and you want a long term solution, you should get your RV Ceramic Coated.


All American Mobile Detailing Is open 360 days a year, allowing us to help our clients whenever they need us.

100% Mobile

All American Mobile Detailing will come right to you. We service most major metros all across this Great Nation.

Cost Effective

All American Mobile Detailing services more clients than any other detailing company. As a result, we can deliver a ton of value at a fair price to all of our clients. Think ‘Costco’ for Detailing.

Why Choose Us

Maintaining your RV is rewarding, but oh boy is it a lot of work. You bought this to enjoy it, and you deserve to enjoy it. Have us show up and keep it presentable for you so it is not another chore on your list. Whether it just needs a wash, or a total restoration let us do the heavy lifting. We love the work, and we love to see you smiling when your precious RV is freed from filth. We are very competitive on price, so anyone can enjoy the luxury of having their RV cleaned by All American Mobile Detailing.

You don’t even have to be there while it is happening. House, Office, or Storage we will show up and make the magic happen. Feel free to stroll in at the end to examine the good work we provided. When she has been stamped with your seal of approval, we will leave her with you, all shiny and new.

Weekender RV Package
$ 20/FT

  • Pressure Wash
  • Pressure Wash Exterior
  • Exterior Foam Bath
  • Detail Rims
  • Tires
  • Wheel Wells
  • Paste Wax
  • Bug & Tar Removal
  • Clean Exterior Windows
  • Vacuum Exterior Storage Compartments

The Weekender Package Is Great For Making Your RV Or Camper Look Amazing.

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