We want
you back!

We are going to pay you more money.

The Industry has expanded, we’ve made changes, and we want you back on our team to grow with us!

We have changed our pay structure to make YOU the money you have always wanted to make. All American Mobile Detailing is committed to providing you with the support and tools you need to be a successful, professional, reliable detailer.

We want to speak with you about the changes we’ve made to boost your income, create lasting partnerships with clients and put YOU in the driver’s seat of your career with us. 

Schedule a call, with the link below, to speak with one of our recruiters today!

Our recruiters will fill you in all the changes that we’ve made , a few to start are:

Build your salary from memberships. Even if you dont service the client you signed up each month, you get paid $5/week for every single person you sign up. That builds FAST!

If you are signing up 4 memberships a week

This is on top of your regular paycheck. If you are working 5 days a week you will be making $700-1100 a week standard income. As time goes by your weekly base check will increase as we are able to build more clientel. You will also develop your skills to accept and execute higher value jobs.

Time EmployedWeekly Salary From MembershipsMonthly Salary From MembershipsPassive Annual IncomeRegular Weekly PaycheckCombined Weekly IncomeCombined Annual Income
1 Month$80.00$320.00$3,840.00$700$780$40,560
3 Months$240.00$960.00$11,520.00$800$1,040$54,080
6 Months$480.00$1,920.00$23,040.00$900$1,380$71,760
1 Year$960.00$3,840.00$46,080.00$1,000$1,960$101,920
2 Years$1,920.00$7,680.00$92,160.00$1,200$3,120$162,240
3 Years$2,880.00$11,520.00$138,240.00$1,400$4,280$222,560

We want to partner with you. Help us build memberships in your area and we will pay you for every single client you bring in to the fold. In your very first year this simple action of servicing clients well enough to have them want a membership, and closing that membership with them will get you to six figures. That way we all win. 3 short years brings you past the $200,000 mark, still just working 5 days a week. Trust the process and let us help you build real wealth for yourself.

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