Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t listed below, please let us assist you by calling our friendly scheduling team at 877-522-8160.

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Premier Detail & Perfect Interior Detail: 2.5-3 Hours

Super Gloss Detail: 3.5-4.5 hours

Ceramic Coating: 5-8 hours


Mariner’s Package: 4-6 hours

Captain’s Package: 5-8 hours

Ceramic Coating: 6-12 hours

Jet Ski:

Jet Ski Detail: 1.5-2 hours


Basic Wash: 2-3 hours

Weekender Package: 4-6 hours

Road Warrior Package: 5-8 hours

Ceramic Coating: 8-12 hours


Clean Motorcycle: 1.5-2 hours

Rider’s Detail: 2-3 hours

Yes it absolutely can. While some companies insist on having you bring it to their “Highly Specialized” shop where the car will spend 3-4 days getting worked on. The reality is during that 3-4 days the car only has 6-7 hours of actual work put into it. Most of the time it will be sitting around with nothing being done to it. You will have to ferry yourself to and from the shop, and that is a massive waste of your precious time. The biggest reason they want you to bring it in is to use the social pressure of your presence to upsell you into 5, 6, sometimes even… $11,000. Most of that is profit, the product that goes on the vehicle is not insanely expensive, 6-7 hours of labor should not be $5,000-$11,000. We believe in a fair price for good work. We will come to your home, you can watch the entire service take place if you would like, then we will leave it in your care as it cures overnight. While you should not move or touch the vehicle for 12 hours. If something very minimal, say a leaf from a tree were to fall on the vehicle within a couple hours of the coating it would likely do no harm. Ceramic cures like super glue, and the vehicle is only super vulnerable during that first 15-20 minutes after application.

You can pay over the phone with our scheduling team, or online through an invoice.

We do not accept cash as our detailers often have multiple jobs a day, and it is dangerous to carry such a large cash bank.

The simple answer is, “We will try!” If we can make it happen we are more than happy to accommodate a same day appointment. That stated most clients book a day or so out. We stay staffed up enough that we can get someone out to you a lot faster than other detail companies 9 times out of 10. We want to earn your business. Please call 407-216-5136 and we will get you on the schedule as soon as possible!

We operate in some cities where it will rain 100+ days out of the year, so we are accustomed to making it work when we have to. If you scheduled a Ceramic Coating and there is no garage/indoor space where it can be done out of the rain we will have to reschedule. For most other detail packages we will show up and wait for the rain to pass. We can detail in the garage, or under a covered area (i.e carport). However, if it is going to be raining the entire day we will reschedule the appointment for the soonest availability we have that still conveniently fits your schedule.

Yes we absolutely do! All Veteran, Reserve, & Active Duty Military get 5% off anytime they schedule anything. Thank you for your service and protecting our Great Nation. USA BABY USA!!

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