How To Market and Advertise your Mobile Auto Detailing Business

Let’s discuss some advertising and marketing strategies for auto shops and auto repairs. Even if you are the best car detailer in the world, that does not ensure the success of your company.

To attract new clients, you must use marketing. We have some fantastic marketing and advertising suggestions for you to try.

The automotive industry has a close-knit community. Put out quality work, and customers will come to your auto shop on their own volition. But if you’ve ever questioned whether there are any other cutting-edge ways to market your auto detailing company in the world we live in today, we’ve got 4 fantastic suggestions for you.

1. Via Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the place for your business if it has anything to do with aesthetic appeal. According to, there is a sizable car community, and car videos are one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. Take advantage of this by posting “how-to” videos with DIY advice and information on car detailing to help people. To show people what a good job you do, you can also highlight and document the steps involved in detailing the cars.

2. Tiktok
It’s common knowledge that Tiktok is a fantastic platform for marketing your auto detailing company. Tiktok has improved as a place to spread the word about your company with the new follow hashtag update. Post videos of the brand-new vehicles you’ve just described, and you’ll undoubtedly get the credit you deserve. Even apps like Pinterest can be used to grow your Instagram following.

3.Responding To Review Online
It’s beneficial to your customer relations to respond to online reviews of your company. It makes no difference if the review comes from a satisfied or irate customer. A customer’s review is a reflection of how your company treats its clients, so make sure you respond to them. When responding to negative customer reviews, you should also be courteous. If your company was really at fault, offer an apology and assure them that you’ll do everything in your power to clear the air. Even better, if it fits in your budget, you could offer them discount coupons to keep them as a client.

4. Showcase your website
A website is a necessity if you run an auto detailing business and want to market it successfully. You can create your own website using a service like Wix, which is better than paying someone to do it for you once. Post pictures of your storefront and the work you’ve completed on your website as soon as it is up and running. The best way to persuade someone to purchase your service is to demonstrate your skill with images from previous projects. To show them the difference detailing can make to a car, you can also post side-by-side “before” and “after” pictures of the vehicles you’ve detailed. 

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